Gary hails from eastern Canada originally, but has been living in B.C. for a number of years. Employed as a computer drafter for over 10 years, he also has a background in retail. His particular areas of interest include music, literature and history. Although he is a diehard Maple Leafs fan, we try not to hold that against him. In this particular photo Gary is doubling as our maintenance engineer. Even more than a good read, Gary loves a good cigarette.


Easy Riders, Raging Bulls
Peter Biskind

Okay, my apologies to Gary. He never actually read the Kylie Minogue book, and from what I understand isn't a fan. Here, however, is a book he has actually read. Biskind's book is a rollicking, scandal-filled, history of film in the 1970s and a look at the some of the film makers who changed Hollywood forever.

Birds Without Wings
Louis de Bernieres

Just to shift gears here a little, here is a literature pick from Gary. Epic and profoundly humane, Birds Without Wings is a glorious novel by one of our finest and best-loved novelists