History may be the largest single subject offering we have in our online department. Here are a half-dozen titles to whet the armchair historian's appetite. All of these, and many more are available for purchase through ABE.


Tim Joyner poring over 400 years of untranslated Spanish and Portugese archival work, breathes life into a complex man and creates a compelling narrative. This is a flesh-and-blood history, a rousing good story with the force of revelation.

Peoples of an Almighty God: Competing Religions in the Ancient World

Examines several ancient civilizations and their belief of an almighty god, and how they reconciled their beliefs when they were defeated in battle, despite "God being on their side".

Bloodfeud: Murder and Revenge in Anglo-Saxon England

Focusing on the feuds of the Danes and the Anglo-Saxons at the turn of the first millennium, Richard Fletcher presents with superb clarity and wit the most stimulating account of life in pre-Norman England to be found anywhere.

The Clash of Civilizations and the Making of World Order

A provocative and prescient analysis of the state of world politics after the fall of communism. Explains how "civilizations" have replace nations and ideologies as the driving force in global politics today.

The New Jerusalem

An intriguing look at the rebuilding of London after the great fire of 1666, and how those reconstructing the city viewed it as the New Jerusalem. A colourful historical portrait of London as we have never seen it before.

Nixon: The Education of a Politician 1913-1962

Volume one of the classic three volume biography written by Stephen E. Ambrose, author of Band of Brothers and D-Day. This particular item is a first edition.
All of these books are hardcovers, or oversized paperbacks. Check our stock through our ABE link to order any of these titles.