Here is just a small selection of some new items from our music section. All of these, and many more are available for purchase through ABE.

Drummin' Men: The Heartbeat of Jazz

In this volume Burt Korall focuses on the drummers of the Bebop years - principally Kenny Clarke, Max Roach, and Art Blakey. An oral history that weaves together the stories of the drummers themselves and those of their friends and contemporaries.

The Beatles Diary - Volume 2 After the Break-Up 1970-2001

Keith Badman has produced a dazzling and astonishingly detailed day-by-day chronicle of what each of the ex-Beatles did from April 1970 onwards.

Great God A'Mighty! The Dixie Hummingbirds

The Dixie Hummingbirds have been one of gospel's most durable and inspiring groups. Jerry Zolten tells the Hummingbirds' fascinating story and with it the story of a changing music industry and a changing nation.

American Troubadours: Groundbreaking Singer Songwriters of the 60s

An examination of 9 songwriters from the 60s: David Ackles, David Blue, Tim Buckley, Tim Hardin, Fred Neil, Phil Ochs, Tom Rapp, Tim Rose and Tom Rush.

King of Rock: Respect, Responsiblity and My Life with Run-DMC

Darryl McDaniels' tale of life in Run-DMC is sharply observed, unpretentious, and often very funny account of being a part of one of the most important acts in the history of popular music.

Stoned: A Memoir of London in the 1960s

The memoirs of Andrew Loog Oldham, a '60s hipster and entrepreneur who, among other things, was instrumental in the discovery of The Rolling Stones.
All of these books are hardcovers, or oversized paperbacks. Check our stock through our ABE link to order any of these titles.